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Speed time-to-innovation and revenue with data in the fast lane



Speed time-to-revenue by expediting vehicle development and time-to-market.

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Improve collaboration and ease modeling and simulations across global teams.


Ensure ADAS / AV systems are safe and reliable with robust, accurate AI models.


Optimize budgets and performance the with agility to select architectural resources as needed.

Use Cases

Here are a few ways automotive companies can use Vcinity:

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Expedite ingest for autonomous mobility advancement

Quickly transfer large volumes and diversified data from vehicle to research and data science teams to accelerate insights and development.

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Accelerate computer-aided design workflows

Enable dispersed engineering and design teams to collaborate on a single dataset, reducing delays and rework with remote data access.

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Enhance supply chain transparency

Use immediate data access to create a flexible and resilient supply chain to mitigate downtime and increase agility amidst market changes.

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Maximize AI automation capabilities

Improve RPA / AI model training, streamline workflows, and optimize operational efficiencies with extended, faster reach to more volumes and varieties of data.

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