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Analytics from the Frontlines

AI/ML Best Practices for Edge Compute & Analytics

Our battlefields, adversaries, and technologies are always evolving, but one thing that is constant—the need for edge data to be processed and analyzed quickly for the safety of our troops and service members. With most mission-critical data being created at the edge, waiting for insights can become a risky game for those at the frontlines. The rise of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI (GenAI), and deep learning (DL), has been pushing agencies to find ways to best adapt with the everchanging and rapid environment for optimal mission outcomes.

Achieving a successful AI program begins with gathering globally dispersed data sources for a properly trained AI system. This seemingly simple task is complicated by geographical locations, network bandwidth, platform interoperability, regulations, and more.

Join Vcinity’s Chief Technology Officer Steve Wallo on March 20th to learn how leading agencies use cutting-edge technology to fast-track their edge advancement in an AI world.

In this webinar, expect to learn:

  • Best practices for data curation and model training to optimize AI outputs from the edge.
  • How to leverage accelerated data access solutions to establish a continuous data pipeline across global and hybrid data sources to feed your AI models.
  • Considerations for deploying a future-ready AI program—such that as you traverse your AI journey and priorities—AI workloads anywhere, can tap into data everywhere.
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