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Border Security Expo '24

May 21 - 23, 2024
El Paso, TX
Booth #102

The annual Border Security Expo is the largest and longest-standing event for the border community, bringing together industry leaders, government officials, and innovators to discuss and showcase cutting-edge solutions and technologies to combat emerging threats and enhance border management practices.

Yet, the quest for optimal security is hindered by the challenge of accessing and analyzing vast data spread across distant locationsfurther impacted by bandwidth constraints and latency.

Vcinity overcomes limitations of time and proximity by enabling data to be accessed and moved more quickly, efficiently, and securely than ever before, to and from any location without manipulation. Find out how agencies leverage Vcinity to harness the full power of their data to drive informed decisions and safeguard against evolving threats.

If you’re attending the Border Security Expo, visit us at Dell’s booth (#102) or book a meeting with us!