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MotoGP COTA '24

April 12 - 13, 2024 | austin, tx

The MotoGP COTA 2024 VIP Experience & Charity event supports local veterans by connecting the motorsport community to technologies that improve performance, safety, efficiency, and cost on and off the track. Bringing together world class talent, technologists, and innovators, the event illuminates new possibilities in the realm of motorsports by leveraging outcome-based solutions powered by AI and GenAI.

However, without data, there is no AI. As teams look to integrate AI capabilities through motorsport, the first step is ensuring AI models are fed the right volume and variety of data to efficiently produce actionable insights and outputs.

Get ahead of the competition with Vcinity. Learn how Vcinity creates a secure, continuous pipeline of data into high-powered applications and analytic platforms to optimize race performance, reduce storage and transfer costs, and accelerate innovation.

Let’s propel AI initiatives in motorsports to new heights—meet us at MotoGP!