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TechNet Cyber '24

June 25 - 27, 2024
Baltimore, MD
Booth #3182

In an era where persistent cyber attacks threaten political, economic, and security interests, AFCEA TechNet Cyber event stands as a central hub, bringing together leaders form the U.S. Cyber Command, DISA, the DoD CIO, and industry and academic partners, to develop and integrate new strategies and joint capabilities needed to meet global security challenges and operate successfully in a digital environment.

In the federal space, ensuring secure and rapid access to vast and dispersed datasets is crucial, but traditional methods can be complex and cumbersome, often posing significant security risks, disrupting data integrity, and leading to delays in time-to-insight and action.

Vcinity addresses these challenges by enabling ultra-fast and efficient, secure data access across any distance, latency, or scale—without dedupe or compression. Find out how agencies leverage near real-time access and predictable performance of global data, mission-critical data to maintain robust security postures, enhance operational efficiencies, and respond swiftly to cyber threats.

If you’re attending the show, we invite you to meet the Vcinity team! Stop by booth #3182 or book a demo below!