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Modernize data workflows to deliver mission outcomes and public sector efficiencies



Allow secure access to sensitive data—with enhanced in-flight protections and without data manipulation.


Take better, faster, and mission-critical actions based on the freshest, most accurate, and comprehensive intel.


Ensure workflow continuity and minimize national security risks with efficient data transfer and flexible network options.


Optimize budgets and performance with the agility to select architectural resources per mission or project.

Use Cases

Here are a few ways federal agencies can use Vcinity:

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Empower tactical edge data access

Enable central teams to remotely access sensor data at the tactical edge in near real-time for faster analysis and more informed, critical decision-making.

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Heighten content portability

Efficiently transfer edge content over latent networks, like satellite, for faster image and video analysis, recognition, and time-to-response.

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Data transfer over disconnected or intermittent networks

Shorten exposure time on network to send/receive data with efficient, high-speed data transfer and the ability to automatically recover as networks come back online.

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Expand data diversity and accelerate ingest into AI models

Extend data reach to produce better, faster outcomes for your AI and LLM applications, for smarter cities, improved public safety, and higher quality citizen services.

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