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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Improve patient experience and scientific advancement with better data, faster



Improve treatment plans and recommendations by providing secure and timely access to patient records.


Safeguard health data by enhancing in-flight data protection and minimizing copies.


Enhance revenue streams by expediting diversified and distant data ingest to analytic models and high-performance applications.


Improve data-based decision-making and optimize operations with transparent global datasets.

Use Cases

Here are a few ways healthcare & life science organizations can use Vcinity:

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Expedite medical image transfers from anywhere

Deliver data files quickly and securely, allowing doctors to enhance patient care with faster analyses and exams.

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Accelerate scientific discovery and time-to-market

Improve research outcomes and get more accurate results by making better, diverse data available in near real-time.

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Expand data diversity and accelerate AI model training

Extend data reach while reducing AI model training time, enabling AI applications to help doctors to identify patients’ risks more quickly.


Monitor remote health and treatment regimens

Identify trends, diseases, and diagnoses, and create treatment plans faster with ultra-fast movement and access to global data.

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