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Media & Entertainment

Create and deliver content at the speed global audiences demand



Increase revenues by expediting media content production and time-to-market.


Improve productivity by seamlessly connecting globally-dispersed creative talent with remote video data.


Allow secure, distributed access to and movement of sensitive datasets globally.


Enhance customer experiences with tailored offers through robust AI data collection.

Use Cases

Here are a few ways media & entertainment studios can use Vcinity:

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Expedite video transfers from set to post-production teams

Send high-resolution video files to post-production teams immediately without de-duplicating, compressing, or manipulating data, even across great distances.

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Burst to cloud without moving data

Utilize cloud-based tools to enhance scale production requirements, streamline creators’ workflows, and accelerate production timelines while keeping data on-premises.


Allow creative talent to edit content remotely

Enhance globally-dispersed editors’ work experience and productivity, and ease copy version management, by providing secure, remote access to one dataset.

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Speed AI analysis of post-event performance

Accelerate data movement across long distances, latent networks, constrained bandwidth, and into AI models to produce faster business insights.

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