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Blog: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane … It’s Accelerated Content Delivery from Set to Screen!

In the world of media and entertainment (M&E), time is everything—time to productivity, market, revenue, and innovation. With the ever-growing demand for content and sets and production studios spanning the globe, the need to transfer large volumes of high-resolution media quickly and securely has never been more critical.

Once those mesmerizing scenes and takes are captured on set, your digital imaging technician is often shipping that precious raw footage back to post-production on a removable drive. And that process can typically be summed up as faster than a speeding … tortoise. Not to mention, then there are all the security risks of sensitive content in transit.  

So what’s an M&E studio to do when set locations are many, many (even thousands of) miles away from post-production houses? We’ve got some ideas.

First, let’s look at an example of a typical set to post content transfer workflow. Imagine you have just captured hours of footage in stunning 8k resolution on-set out in the rolling hills of Ireland—and now, it’s time to perform the daunting task of transferring that data thousands of miles to the post-production location in Los Angeles. So, you put all that footage on a physical hard drive, pay hefty logistical fees, and hope for the best—that no data is lost, stolen, or compromised while in transit. And after all that, you’re still stuck with the unpredictable factor of when it’s going to arrive and left wondering: there’s got to be a better way.

There is! Say goodbye to transfer via ground or air. Vcinity’s DIT Cart Solution, an Edge Accelerator Solution for M&E, transcends limitations of time and proximity by creating a continuous content delivery pipeline from edge locations (like your prep and shoot on-set) to central hubs at the core or cloud (like your post-production house or content storage facility) without ever touching your data. That’s right—no manipulation, no compression, no deduplication. Just local-like access regardless of distance, latency, or bandwidth-restricted environments.

Let’s look at the impact. Instead of waiting days, specialty editors, teams and production studios can begin editing, doing color correction and sharing feedback—all expediting project time-to-completion. Projects are also no longer limited by geographic location or scale—and global talent can take full advantage of their data by moving content more quickly, efficiently, and securely than ever before.

In an industry where time is of the essence and distributing content is crucial, Vcinity’s DIT Cart Solution is a game-changer to modern media and entertainment studios. Whether it’s a blockbuster film being shot on location halfway across the world or a high-profile television series with hundreds of hours of raw footage, Vcinity ensures that data is transferred efficiently and securely—allowing post-production teams to focus on creativity and content creation, not the complexities of delivering data to the right place with minimal loss and downtime.

Ready to experience next-level content delivery and production? It starts with unbounded data movement to and from where you need it most.

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