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It’s time to talk about distributed data

By David Marshall

The volume of data produced globally is experiencing a massive surge, with information generated from remote environments, edge computing, IoT sensors, the cloud, and many more. And while this data can be a valuable and insightful business asset, rapid data growth continues to pose a monumental challenge—its usefulness depends entirely on its accessibility.

For instance, when data is inaccessible, organizations dependent on cloud-native tools and microservices immediately lose out on inherent cloud scalability, flexibility, and all other positive aspects of cloud environments. For example, moving data at scale across vast distances and networks can be slow, resulting in the loss of value and a delay in business operations—particularly when data is used for real-time analysis.

Moving data into or around the cloud often causes duplication—creating complexity when copies of data exist in multiple locations across an organization’s environment. In addition, IT teams must ensure that data is always secure, especially while in flight. Even after data gets to the cloud, using it can prove challenging—as organizations often still need to move it from region to region to be accessible to certain users or apps in a particular area.

Fortunately, general solutions now enable businesses to navigate these challenges with relative ease. With the right tools, organizations can swiftly and reliably move and access data across multiple locations, platforms, and applications. In fact, these solutions can provide businesses with unprecedented transparency and control, enabling them to effectively manage their applications and cloud resources regardless of data location—to optimize operations and enhance the user and customer experience across their entire enterprise.

Integrating modern data movement solutions into your cloud strategy is a great way to stay agile and remain competitive, especially for workflows that entail migrating to the cloud for the first time, continually ingesting data from the edge into the cloud, or completing backups. These solutions leverage high-performance computing technology that can securely move and track large amounts of data between edge, core, and cloud at unparalleled speeds while removing the effects of latency and without manipulating the data—enabling businesses to quickly modernize current operations, boost performance, and enhance scalability while preserving data privacy.

Best yet, an innovative approach referred to as remote data access—which enables applications to remotely access and operate on data in real-time while it stays in place—is an equally essential component of any enhanced cloud strategy, as this technology offers the ability to connect your users and applications to your data instantly, regardless of its location. With the constraints of movement no longer inhibiting data access, organizations can gain a comprehensive, real-time view of their platforms, data, and geo-distributed operations—giving them the ability to pull insights from remote sources and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Additionally, ensuring the right people and suitable applications can access the right data at the right time is crucial for data security. Both data movement and remote data access solutions improve risk profiles by further protecting data in flight, ensuring that organizations meet local compliance requirements, reducing file duplication, and easing data governance complexities.

With Vcinity, organizations can take full advantage of cloud capabilities by creating a future-ready, agile cloud strategy. Our modern data movement and remote data access solutions support you through your cloud journey by making it possible to design and deploy a secure hybrid cloud environment that offers seamless, real-time access between data, applications, and users—whenever, wherever.

Whether keeping data in one location or moving it, we can help you create an infrastructure that supports your evolving needs.

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