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Blog: Stop hallucinating and get better, faster Gen AI and ML insights (Part 2)

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Reduce Hallucinations

Generative AI (Gen AI) is increasingly at the forefront of discussions in numerous industries, not least among data scientists. This buzz is driven by its remarkable outputs, ranging from eloquently crafted content to the generation of innovative ideas. As Gen AI cements itself as a revolutionary force, its impact grows more significant by the day.

For data scientists, cataloging a vast world of siloed content is often a time-consuming and tedious task. Yet, the importance of curating both the correct and sufficient amount of data cannot be overstated. When models are fed with either substandard or inadequate data, the accuracy of their outputs suffers proportionately. In the AI/ML domain, these bad outputs are labeled “hallucinations.”

Hallucinations can lead to faulty decision-making because decision-makers don’t have the right or complete data from which to make decisions. These non-ideal decisions and actions can lead to workflow disruptions and higher costs. Without having the best data, decision-makers may need to run through multiple rounds of analysis to get more accurate results. Insufficient data can lead to longer turnaround times and, thus, inflated costs for organizations.


To diminish these hallucinations, the key lies in broadening data access. This not only enhances the diversity of the data but also enriches its context. Vcinity is poised to aid in this endeavor by enabling:

  • Analyzing remote data with performance as if it were local—so there is no reason not to include additional data input.
  • Expanding your cloud-native applications’ access to external tables or remote datasets.
  • Allowing complete data accessibility—access to any data anywhere at any time.


Welcome to better Gen AI insights

As technology evolves to facilitate data acquisition, it aligns more closely with advancements in data utilization technologies. What does this mean for you? It translates to seamless integration across various platforms—from edge to core to cloud—coupled with scalable, flexible options for data control. Decide where and how much data to utilize, and in return, gain superior insights, efficiency, and performance through swifter, more comprehensive data access. It’s about technology empowering technology and, in turn, empowering exceptional teams. That trifecta sounds like the foundation for a great Gen AI partnership right there.

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