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Vcinity Joins Edge Partner Program to Accelerate Data Accessibility Across IT Environments

Vcinity is helping customers optimize business outcomes and innovate edge solutions faster. The company is now a Dell Edge Certified Partner, offering customers the Edge Access Solution to instantly extend data accessibility from the edge to core to cloud. The solution delivers better, faster outcomes by accelerating data movement as well as secure, real-time access to data at scale across hybrid environments.

Customers can overcome the challenges of siloed data by creating a continuous, connected data pipeline at a global scale, enabling applications and users’ instant access to data, no matter where it lives, and even as distance or latency increases. This continuous data pipeline can help customers in Manufacturing, Transportation, Energy, Government & Defense, and other relevant industries accelerate time-to-insights and action, provide predictable service-level agreements (SLAs), and enable linear scale of their global unstructured data infrastructure.

The certified solution is listed on Dell’s Edge Partner website to help customers  get started with Vcinity.

“We are pleased to announce Vcinity has completed Dell Technologies’ edge certification process,” said Harry Carr, Vcinity chairman and CEO, “With Vcinity’s technology, Dell customers can now access their data, no matter where it is. We will continue to strengthen and expand our Dell OEM relationship and accelerate the way customers access and use data from edge to core to cloud.”

In addition to being a Dell Edge Certified Partner, Vcinity is also a Dell OEM Engineered Solutions partner, which provides Dell customers and partners the opportunity to procure Vcinity through their normal Dell channels and processes.

For more information about how the Edge Access Solution works or how to seamlessly get started, visit Vcinity’s Dell Edge Partner Program listing.

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