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Why is your distributed data at odds with your business performance?

January 17, 2023 | Russ Davis, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer

Let’s face it: moving data is never easy. Even in our modern, digitally connected world, data movement is wrought with ever-present compliance restrictions and technology burdens.

But that’s just a portion of the problem. You’re then plagued with slow data access that paralyzes applications and stifles business outcomes—not to mention data duplication that creates undesired costs, security, lineage and governance challenges, storage complications, and even storage bloating.

The result? You’re left with data that’s expensive to move, a plethora of security issues, imprecise machine learning insights—and your most critical business decisions often choked by technical and financial restrictions.

Staying ahead of the competition in the digital age requires agility and ease of data access. Unfortunately, antiquated models of distributed data are forcing businesses to move or copy data to sit with the application to optimize performance—significantly slowing down operations and limiting, if not eliminating, any advantage from the start.

That’s highly problematic for organizations that are geographically dispersed. Think of the media and entertainment industry, for example—who have post-production teams across the globe working round the clock on tight deadlines, who need constant access to volumes of sensitive media files and workflows. Or consider telecom and utilities service providers, who rely on delivering instant data and bespoke customer experiences as a key competing factor.

In likeness to other industries, the public sector finds themselves often moving data with urgency to provide the most up-to-date mission information to their troops for the highest degree of situational awareness prior to engaging with adversaries.

To overcome these obstacles, organizations required a data movement solution that provides security, speed, and more flexibility.

So, what is the solution for old-school data distribution? The key lies in remote data access—enabling ubiquitous, real-time, and secure application access to remote file and object data across distributed, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments… all while your data stays in place.

Imagine all the headaches you and your team currently experience—reduced, if not entirely eliminated. No more waiting on data transfers or for your data to synchronize through a storage array or cloud-based replication. Instead, all your data is now a single, globally accessible dataset, instantaneously connecting your people, customers and applications to data literally anywhere in the world—as if it were stored locally.

With Vcinity’s remote data access, the world becomes your oyster (or, your organization’s data center).

It’s time to say goodbye to antiquated data movement techniques. With the right solution, you’ll enjoy faster access and responsiveness with the ability to mitigate latency before it effects operations, more efficient use of storage, and global visibility across your edge to cloud infrastructure for deep, real-time insights—altogether, making it easier to maximize the power of your business performance.

Seeing is believing!

It's usually right here that people doubt that advanced Remote Data Access is even real, let alone a possibility. So, let us show you the reality of what you could be doing today.