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Accelerate AWS adoption and future-proof data value with a seamless, secure edge-to-cloud data pipeline.

Create a continuous data pipeline into & around AWS with 76x faster data!

Vcinity provides a revolutionary solution to resolve the most complex data movement and access problems that AWS and its customers face. 
Vcinity and AWS have tested and validated the ability to move multiple data sets across WAN distances in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. These results maximize operational efficiencies while reducing the complexity of managing a global WAN environment. AWS and its customers benefit from leveraging the full value of their bandwidth investment and gaining flexibility of a “move or access” decision when the time-to-insights and action are critical.

AWS re:Invent

November 27 – December 1, 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada


What can you do with up to 76x faster data movement and access?

Edge to Cloud Data Transfer

Get data to and from the edge, on-prem, and AWS cloud up to 76x faster than traditional methods, continuously or on-demand.


Data Curation for AI/ML

Quickly aggregate data or enable remote access to geo-distributed data for near-real-time analytics.

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Hybrid, Multi-cloud Operations

Centralize operations on AWS with seamless access to data across other clouds or locales while your apps and other data stay in AWS.


Edge Compute

Securely extend the reach of AWS applications to your edge data with predictable performance.

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    Why Vcinity for AWS

    Complete Data Accessibility

    In real-time, leverage AWS compute to process edge, on-prem, and cloud data, regardless of location.

    Increase Operational Efficiencies

    Simplify your current technology landscape with an adaptable solution across your infrastructure.

    Support Data Residency

    Move or remotely access data to maintain control of its storage location, access, and use without forfeiting productivity.

    Reduced Infrastructure Costs

    Simplify your current technology landscape with a solution adaptable across your infrastructure.

    Success Stories

    Proven for years in the most complex government and defense environments—commercial industry leaders also trust Vcinity to help them move and use their data.

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    A Large US Utility

    Reduced redundant storage and data transfer costs by moving data across edge, prem, and AWS cloud 400% faster—minimizing disruption to business continuity during infrastructure changes and enabling quicker utilization of AWS.

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    A Cruise Line

    Accelerated an automated copy job moving data from ship to shore from 48 hours to 90 minutes—improving customer experience and enabling seamless on-ship operations.

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    An M&E Services Provider

    Uses remote data access to support remote video editing for artists, improving project security by hosting a single copy of sensitive video data and reducing lead times for completing projects by two weeks—resulting in estimated savings of $7M.

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    A Special Effects Company

    Supported its production capacity quickly and securely by keeping data on-prem and bursting to an AWS rendering farm.


    Our remote data access solution is fully deployable across hub, edge, and cloud locations.

    Ease of Deployment

    Deploy in existing environments, from edge to on-prem to cloud, with application-, compute-, WAN- and storage-agnostic performance.

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    Choice of Virtual Instance Types

    Support r5 instances with Amazon Elastic Block Storage—and i3en instances with embedded cache up to 2Gpbs throughput.


    Highly Performant, Real-time Data Access

    Access data over distance with Vcinity’s patented technology – sustained 90% bandwidth utilization and continuous performance with no latency impact beyond the first byte.


    F1 instance for Hardware Acceleration

    Leverage FPGA-based virtual instance for greater (up to 8Gbps) throughput capabilities.