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Time to Celebrate World Backup Day 2023 – Hear From Industry Experts By David Marshall View article Today is “World Backup Day,” …

Across the globe there are a number of regulations, compliance laws and privacy restrictions which businesses need to navigate through.

Teradata’s Native Object Store feature with ClearScape Analytics as a foreign table with objects stored there in open data formats.

Why is distributed data access so frustrating? By Russ Davis, Chief Operating and Chief Product Officer View article Survivability in the digital …

Vcinity has been announced as a Cloud Awards finalist in the “Best Hybrid Cloud Solution” category.

Let’s face it: moving data is never easy. Even in our modern, digitally connected world, data movement is wrought with ever-present compliance restrictions and technology burdens.

Had the past few years not already blazed the trail, 2022 would be a standalone wild ride. Certainly, there’s been some normalization of life, but we certainly are not back to normal. Inflation is cresting as quickly as hardware supply chains cycle through stall outs.

Analytics and ML performance and speed to results can be vastly improved when using a hybrid cloud that incorporates a modern database. Businesses today are making analytics and machine learning a central part of their operations to help with everything

Vcinity offers a unique solution in the marketplace which doesn’t move data to the cloud, but provides the same effect while allowing the data to remain in place.

[Vcinity] has enhanced their file service solution with scale-out cluster capability and with performance and tuning boosts, and announced the GA of their Vcinity Access object storage offering.

The issue of data privacy has risen in priority as the volume of data breaches multiplies — along with the implications for organizations and HR departments. After all, tens of billions of personal records have been exposed in recent years.

Apache Cassandra v4.1 is a milestone release that’s mainly a feature release geared toward preparing for the major changes for developers in 5.0. Significant core services changes have been made to make them pluggable so different options can be used without firing up a compiler.