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Hi there. We're Vcinity.

It's your data. Choose where you keep it.

At Vcinity, we creatively solve the challenges of unstructured and dispersed data—regardless of distance, volume, application, or network capacity.

About Us

We're turning hybrid cloud on its head.

Vcinity is a hybrid, multi-cloud data access company delivering real-time access to data at scale. We allow applications and users to instantly access data, no matter where it lives, enabling organizations to accelerate time to intelligent insights and to optimize business outcomes.

In a digitally transformed world, increasing volumes of distributed data are being created—and organizations are grappling with how to make the right data available to the right people, at the right time to mitigate costs, productivity loses, and make better decisions. Through our patented technology, we solve the challenges of utilizing large, dispersed data sets to enable mission-critical, distributed data applications around the world.

We do for data what cloud computing did for compute and applications: we turn it into a utility—available everywhere and on-demand. We embrace the unconventional through our technology leadership and cutting-edge solutions—empowering organizations to improve productivity, speed time to revenue, penetrate new markets, and lower operational costs.

We're getting noticed.

Because by removing the effects of distance and latency, we’re enabling a dataless cloud.

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Who we are

Brilliant people behind amazing technology.

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Harry Carr Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
Dr. Robin Smith, MD, MBA Director
Mohsen Moazami Director
At our core

Our "Misfit" Culture

At Vcinity, we don't just think outside the box - we don't believe in a box at all. We see no boundaries, only possibilities. We’re nonconformist innovators who relentlessly pursue the right solution, no matter how unorthodox.

Our Partners

Disruption takes a village.

Whether it is with our technology partners, or selling with our friends in the channel, we are obsessed with helping those who have chosen to partner with us differentiate themselves. Our goal is to align with your business plan and find how we can help you meet your objectives through the technology and culture we provide at Vcinity. We know that when we put our partners first, everyone wins. Our customers get better solutions, our partners are more engaged, and our company gets the benefits of working with the world’s best talent every day.

Technology Partners

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Our Technology

We're making the impossible, possible.

Many years and patents later, we've created a multi-layered solution that works with every server, OS, and application. We combine proven network processing technologies at both the hardware and software levels, providing a solution to help you operate better and faster from edge to cloud to wherever your digital journey takes you next.

Take a peek at our tech:

It's your data. Unleash it.

Let's modernize your data strategy, together.