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AWS Solution

Vcinity and AWS

Accelerate migrating data and applications to AWS


Unlock edge and on-prem data

Leverage compute in the cloud to process data, regardless of location, in real-time.

Better control of Intellectual Property

Maintain control over data, its storage location, and access without forfeiting productivity.

Increase operational productivity

Quicker, scaled data access delivers value via faster time to insights and time to revenue.

Reduce operational costs

Eliminate storage and management costs of disparate copies of data.



The Challenge

It’s slow or difficult to move data (or apps) to the AWS cloud.

According to Gartner, by 2025, 85 percent of enterprises will have a cloud-first principle. They are moving their data to the cloud to tap into benefits like scalability, flexibility, increased efficiency of operations, access to technologies like machine learning and analytics, as well as optimizing operational costs. Yet, many organizations are unable or unwilling to move portions or all their data to AWS for regulatory, compliance, cost, or security reasons.

This, coupled with the default assumption that data must reside next to compute, precludes customers from leveraging AWS’ infinitely scalable and elastic compute resources. Additionally, organizations whose time sensitive applications cannot tolerate the delay associated with moving data between edge and cloud, are unable to benefit from AWS’ consumption-based business model, innovative development tools, and next generation analytics. It's time to have your data join the evolution.

Vcinity Solution

Leverage AWS compute to process data on-prem.

Vcinity enables customers to deploy AWS applications without migrating their data into the AWS cloud—effectively allowing them to choose which workloads they want to move to the cloud. Now, organizations can tap into AWS’ scale, elasticity, and purpose-built microservices in real time while all or subsets of their data stays in their own private clouds, on-prem, or at the edge.

To achieve this, Vcinity technology is deployed in AWS cloud and on-premises, creating a secure tunnel to deliver sustained throughput of data, eliminating time delays associated with data migration or lack of local compute. Designed for the global enterprise, Vcinity allows applications deployed in AWS cloud—anywhere in the world—to access and process data without affecting performance—accelerating time to insights and business outcomes.



Deploy in existing environments, from edge to on-prem to cloud, with application-, compute-, WAN and storage-agnostic performance.

Access data over distance with Vcinity’s patented technology – sustained 90% bandwidth utilization and continuous performance with no intermittent latency  impact beyond the first byte.

Support i3en instances with embedded cache or c5a instances for persistent storage (Amazon Elastic Block Storage) up to 2Gpbs throughput.

Leverage FPGA-based virtual instance for greater throughput capabilities.

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