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Data Movement

Enabling fast, secure data movement to any location, all with predictable performance.

Don't let data movement hinder your business performance.

Why does data movement have to be so complicated? First, it’s slow, tedious, and unreliable, especially at scale over the WAN. Worse yet, it delays business outcomes, causes unnecessary security exposure, and produces high associated costs.


Traditional data movement is not the answer.

Though data movement is mission critical in today’s ever-connected world, it can be challenging. Data often can’t live in one place forever—even if the current delay is not enough to warrant seamless remote access. However, data inevitably will have to move or be accessed—it’s just a matter of when and how.

Tasks like moving data from on-prem to the cloud, replicating data between cloud regions, relocating a data center, or upgrading a hardware IT platform all face a significant challenge: promptly moving data without impacting business operations.

However, no matter how you approach data movement, it has a high propensity to negatively impact productivity, impede employee collaboration and workflow efficiency, increase operational costs, and can put valuable IP at risk. That is, until now.

Welcome to the fastest data movement on earth. 

A goal of modern data strategies should be to make your data accessible when and where you need it without moving it—but if you must move your data, you need to do so insanely fast—even over great distances.

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

We can move data to or around the cloud faster than anything else on the planet.

Never Wait on Your Data Again

Vcinity enables you to move any amount of data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments and globally dispersed sites or locations.

Choose Your Location

Vcinity's technology can be deployed across your choice of hub, edge, and cloud locations.

Increase Your Performance

Improve app performance by reducing the effects of latency and time waiting for data transfers.

Gain Faster Time-to-Insight

Take meaningful action sooner by moving your data up to 76x faster or more.

Reduce Your Operational Costs

Decrease project timelines and costs, such as migrations, by moving data faster.

Improve Your Security Posture

Improve your risk profile by reducing the time data is in flight (and better protecting it during transit).

Enhance Your Agility

Quickly and securely move data across hybrid, multi-cloud environments—from edge to core to cloud.

Maintain a Consistent Experience

Make data quickly and highly available to a decentralized workforce, as it's needed.

We move data up to 76x faster than anyone else. 

Moving your data from one place in your organization to another—from edge to cloud or data center to data center—is a core function of edge, cloud, and hybrid/ multi-cloud computing.  Now you can quickly and reliably send large amounts of data, or any amount over distance—decreasing your security exposure and increasing productivity.


Seeing is believing!

Experience what true data movement can be, and see why the world largest companies choose Vcinity.


Whatever the application—we have you covered.

Media & Entertainment:

We enable accelerated content creation by securely moving media files from the set to post-production and beyond, reducing timelines and helping more jobs be completed. 

ISPs & Telecom Service Providers: 

We enable our customers to collect and move data from any geographically-dispersed infrastructure, increasing transparency and digital transformation. 

Energy, Power, Utilities, Oil & Gas:

We help companies realize their full business potential by enabling highly-focused, insight-driven digital transformation initiatives. Our customers can seamlessly collect and expedite data movement across any geographically-dispersed networks and operations. 

Military & Defense:

We help the military and government achieve their mission goals through lossless connections, ensuring data is delivered to where it is required—enabling faster, better, and more accurate decisions