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Enabling fast, secure data movement to any location, all with predictable performance.

Is waiting for your data
hindering your business performance?

Why does data movement have to be such a drag?

It’s slow, tedious, and unreliable, especially at scale and over distance. It delays business outcomes, causes unnecessary security exposure, and produces high associated costs. Additionally, current data movement solutions require complex upgrades and data manipulation (such as compression, de-duplication, etc.). All that, and you’re still waiting for your data. 

Aren’t you tired of waiting on your data?

Though data movement is mission-critical in today’s ever-connected world, it can be challenging. Data often can’t live in one place forever—even if the delay is insufficient to warrant seamless remote access. However, data inevitably will have to move or be accessed—it’s just a matter of when and how.

Tasks like moving data from on-prem to the cloud, replicating data between cloud regions, relocating a data center, or upgrading a hardware IT platform all face a significant challenge: promptly moving data without impacting business operations.

However, no matter how you approach data movement, it has a high propensity to negatively impact productivity, impede employee collaboration and workflow efficiency, increase operational costs, and put valuable IP at risk. That is, until now.

Welcome to the fastest data movement on earth.

The decisions and actions you can take are only as good as your data—so let’s get it to you more securely, predictably, and insanely fast (Up to 76x faster than ever before).
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Never Wait on
Your Data Again

By reducing the effects of latency, Vcinity enables you to move any amount of data rapidly anywhere across hybrid, multi-cloud environments and globally dispersed sites or locations.

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Move Your Data Anywhere

Vendor-agnostic software that can move data insanely fast to and around the edge, on-premise, and cloud

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Experience Faster

Take meaningful action sooner by moving your data (at scale) up to 76x faster.

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Reduce Your
Operational Costs

By reducing the effects of latency, Vcinity enables you to move any amount of data rapidly anywhere across hybrid, multi-cloud environments and globally dispersed sites or locations.

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Get More from Your Existing Infrastructure

Avoid costly IT refreshes to optimize data throughput while minimally impacting your existing architecture and IT processes.

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Improve Your
Security Posture

Improve your risk profile by reducing the time data is in flight (and better protecting it during transit)—without manipulating the data itself.

They seized the moment.

Leading commercial organizations and government agencies across the world trust us to deliver mission-critical data where and when they need it.

A Government Agency

Was able to move 1GB datasets over 10,000 miles into AWS 7.5x faster, allowing them to meet SLAs.


A Top US Utility Company

Migrated data 4x faster from on-prem to AWS, enabling them to get out of data center leases three months faster.


An F1 Race Team

Used Vcinity to move a 10GB dataset over 3,600 miles for analysis 150x faster (from 2.5 hours down to 60 seconds).

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Cruise Ship Line

A recurring automated copy job for 10.21GB of data over 4,800 miles was moved 32x faster over satellite (from over 48 hours down to 90 minutes).

We move data up to 76x faster than anyone else.

Moving your data from one place in your organization to another—from edge to cloud or data center to data center—is a core function of edge, cloud, and hybrid/ multi-cloud computing. Designed for high latency environments, Vcinity enables you to send large amounts of data or any amount over any distance quickly and reliably.

It’s time to take action.

Seeing is believing! Experience what accelerated data movement can be and see why the world’s largest companies and agencies choose Vcinity.

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    Interoperability isn't a feature. It's a game-changer.

    Dell logo.

    We enable our customers to retain their existing Dell core infrastructure while seamlessly moving data from edge and cloud to core.

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    We vastly accelerate innovation and digital transformation on AWS by accelerating the movement of data from the edge and data center into the AWS cloud.

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    We enable customers to achieve accelerated, superior insights by moving data securely and at hyper speeds into or across Teradata clusters.