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Dell Hybrid Cloud Solution

Vcinity Hybrid Cloud Solution, powered by Dell

Move the app, not the data!

Achieve real-time application performance without moving your data.


Accelerate time to insights

Take meaningful action on data sooner, no matter its location, with data movement up to 11x faster and real-time remote data access.

Decrease total cost of ownership

Reduce cost associated with data duplication and transfers, as well as increase the effectiveness of current physical infrastructure.

Increase agility across hybrid cloud

Expand EDGE and hybrid deployments and ease cloud adoption with flexibility to execute on data anywhere—on-prem, at the EDGE, or in the cloud.

Improve security profile

Eliminate unnecessary data movement, reduce liabilities associated with copy management, and better protect data in flight.



The Challenge

Edge data is sprawling—and it is expensive and time consuming to use that data.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the edge—and that 85% of these organizations will also embrace a cloud-first strategy. Yet, the need for data to be co-located with applications to perform drives data accessibility challenges as the physical chasm between edge, core, and cloud continues to expand. To solve this, enterprises historically move or copy edge data to where the application sits (e.g. in cloud, on-premises). This process creates complexity, data governance, and security issues as the volume of copies across their hybrid environment grows. Additionally, the data movement across edge, core, and cloud is slow and expensive. Organizations then find themselves carrying high volumes of redundant data and increased operational costs, and experiencing delayed business insights.

Vcinity Solution: MOVE the app, not the data!

Deploy flexible, highly performant, multi-cloud applications to accelerate time to value

Vcinity's Hybrid Cloud Solution, powered by Dell™, provides real-time access to geographically distributed, edge data at scale, regardless of distance and latency. This solution helps you optimize your data strategy by enhancing global data availability across your hybrid, multi-cloud environment—whether you choose to instantly access data in place from a remote location (edge, core, or public or private cloud) or rapidly move data from edge to core to cloud. The freedom to move the application, as opposed to the data, enables organizations to use their data efficiently and securely in real-time—increasing productivity and agility, reducing operational costs, and improving business outcomes. Learn more in the Solution Brief.



Access data over distance with Vcinity’s patented technology – sustained 90% bandwidth utilization and continuous performance with no intermittent latency impact beyond the first byte.

Adding Vcinity to your edge applications enables faster data access and processing from existing hardware, without the need to replace them with higher compute models or installing other software.

This Vcinity solution operates turnkey with Dell products to fit your deployment, whether on-premises/ cloud adjacent (Data Access Appliance (UAA 1000/e)) or on-prem/ cloud native edge (Data Access Appliance (DAA 1000v)).

Seamless integration of Vcinity solution tech stack into existing workflows with no application rewrite, deployable at the edge, on-premises, or cloud.

Get started moving the app, not the data!