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Download: Extend the Power Amazon S3 Express One Zone to Data Anywhere with Vcinity

Amazon S3 Express One Zone offers unparalleled performance for data-intensive applications, driving faster processing at reduced costs. As the exclusive launch partner with the capability to move data to S3 Express One Zone from non-S3 locations, Vcinity enables hyper-fast and efficient data movement across AWS, empowering industries like Finance, Energy, M&E, and HCLS to deliver intelligent actions and decisions in the timeframe businesses and customers demand.

Blog: Goodbye, Data Tradeoffs

Data creation is at an all-time high. There’s so much data, from increasingly diverse and dispersed locations and data sources. So many opportunities to use it. And so often, where the data needs to be used is far away from where it currently sits.

Podcast: How to Master Your Data Movement

Data movement. The art and science behind moving data through the power of technology. An essential part of how modern businesses operate, the movement of data can encompass the replication, synchronisation and effective storage of company data.

Press Release: Vcinity Earns Silver in the Prestigious Merit Awards for Technology

Vcinity, a leader in data movement technologies, proudly announces its achievement of earning the Silver Award in the Enterprise Category of the 2023 Merit Awards for Technology! The winners were judged based on submissions representing the best in current and next-generation innovations and technologies. This accolade is a testament to Vcinity’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries and revolutionizing how organizations use and store their data.