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Case Study: Better, Faster Intelligent Insights for Vertica

Vcinity Ultimate X™ software is changing the paradigm. With this no move, no copy technology, enterprise applications no longer have to be collocated with their data. This allows for application and data-agnostic operation to truly leverage enterprise data when and where it is created.

Test Summary: Vertica Remote Data Performance

The Vcinity Hybrid Cloud Solution for Vertica eliminates the need for data to be physically located with the application—enabling Vertica applications to remotely access data in real-time, and across the aggregated data set even if siloed. This testing document showcases how storage and compute can be physically separated while maintaining application performance on the Vertica platform.

Solution Brief: Vertica Hybrid Cloud

Vcinity provides Vertica customers the ability to access and run data-intensive workloads on data with local-like performance, no matter its location (on-premises or in the cloud(s)), in real-time, and regardless of distance or latency.