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AWS Summit

June 7 & 8, 2023 | WASHINGTON D.C.

Join us at the AWS Summit Washington, DC to discover how Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers are constructing innovative solutions in the cloud to become more agile and respond faster to change to drive their missions forward.

Learn and practice with experts and peers. Customize your learning experience. Build the foundation, accelerate your mission, or rethink how you deliver services. 

Choose from breakout sessions, builders’ sessions, chalk talks, workshops, and more


About Vcinity

We believe location shouldn’t dictate the value of your data. Our unique, patented technology enables applications and users to instantly operate on data anywhere across your hybrid, distributed, and multi-cloud environment. Let’s put the power to deploy the storage and compute infrastructure you want back in your hands.

what we do

Our unique, patented technology enables agencies to do more with their data, whether compressible or not, from edge to core to cloud. Increase the protection of your sensitive datasets while facilitating better decision making, faster. 

Customer stories

Agencies are rethinking the way they use, store, and access data across hybrid, distributed, and multi-cloud environments to drive competitive advantage over our adversaries and enable faster delivery of critical information.

LEt's get Together!

We are thrilled to be at TechNet Indo-Pacific and hope you are, as well! We’d love to meet you to chat more about your opportunities and how we can help you operate better, faster, smarter, and more secure.

Stop by our Booth #TT94 or reach out to set up a meeting.