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Vcinity & Hammerspace

Fueling AI/ML and other high-performance applications with instant accessibility to data everywhere

Accelerate outcomes with instant, ubiquitous access to data

The combination of the Hammerspace data orchestration and Vcinity’s ability to move massive amounts of data across long distances empowers companies and organizations to utilize their data far more efficiently regardless of where it is stored.

Now, sensitive datasets that remain on-premises can be queried and processed from the cloud even faster. Or, shared datasets in the cloud can be queried by on-premises Teradata systems, all with no performance impact compared to a traditional WAN experience. With Vcinity, you can instantly execute on your data, whether it’s located in a Teradata cluster or not, across your edge locations, data centers, remote sites, and public or private clouds.


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Utilize Essential Resources

Compute resources are often centralized but data is distributed. The combination of Hammerspace and Vcinity enables you to quickly and easily make your data accessible to compute regardless of geographic distance.


Accelerate Time into Insights

Reduce the time to make data accessible (even as soon as created) to further hasten insights and outcomes.


Enhance Business Agility

Overcome data gravity with instant, highly-available global access to distributed data sources—improving efficiency and outcomes without having to migrate your data.


Unlock Data Anywhere

Simplify data movement and accessibility to and from anywhere, regardless of your existing architecture.


Simplify Your Tech Stack

Simplify data movement and accessibility to and from anywhere, regardless of your existing architecture.

Use Cases

Here are a few ways customers can use Vcinity and Hammerspace:

A variety of analytic workloads can benefit from expanded, immediate access to non-local data at scale across hybrid, multi-cloud, including use cases, such as:


AI/ML Applications

Expedite data transfer into Hammerspace or allow applications to compute on data remotely upon creation—increasing speed and efficacy of intelligent decisions.

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Distributed Data Centers

Accelerate data movement at scale across distributed locations while applications operate without disruption—enabling data consolidation, federation, and seamless orchestration.


Remote Workforce

Provide remote employees or authorized users the ability to interact with distributed data as if it were local—easing data management, improving data security, and optimizing workforce productivity.


Edge Compute

Enable ability to seamlessly run applications in Hammerspace on data outside Hammerspace environment—unlocking new workloads, data, and insights.

Fueling AI/ML and other high-performance applications—by extending the reach of your Hammerspace environment to data everywhere.



    Single Global File System Across All Locations

    Convert your data into a single, globally-available datasets with fast-as-local performance—while avoiding paying the time or operational penalties of moving data over distance.


    True Linear Scalable Performance

    Hammerspace parallel file system is ideal for a wide range of workloads including large language models and multi-modal language model.


    Easy Integration Across Hybrid, Multi-cloud Environments

    Seamlessly plug Vcinity into your existing Hammerspace workflows with no application rewrite, deployable at the edge, on-premises, or cloud turning your WAN into a global LAN.

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    Automated Data Orchestration

    Overcome data gravity with automated, non-disruptive data orchestration globally for data at the edge, in your datacenters, and in the cloud.