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Intel Solution

Vcinity Application Access

Real-time cloud application execution on remote data


Accelerate time to insights

Make unstructured data accessible to apps sooner in order to take meaningful action on data sooner, no matter its location.

Decrease total cost of ownership

Reduce cost associated with data duplication and transfers, as well as increase the effectiveness of current physical infrastructure.

Increase operational agility

Expand 5G, network edge, and IoT deployments with flexibility to execute on data anywhere—on-prem, at the edge, or in the cloud.

Empower innovation at the edge

Enable your organization to launch 5G and network edge deployments at scale without compromising performance.



The Challenge

Unstructured data creation is accelerating–but applications can't monetize that data effectively

Unstructured, geographically dispersed data will account for 80% of global data by 2025, according to IDC, creating data accessibility and management issues as well as adding complexity to data strategies—due to data and applications needing to be co-located to perform well. Traditionally, organizations create copies of edge data and move it to where the application resides, such as a datacenter or in the cloud. Moving, copying, storing, and managing data at scale is both slow and expensive—which delays decision making, increases operational costs and complexity, dampens organization productivity, and heightens security risks.

Vcinity Solution

Improve application performance to expedite time to insights and enhance business outcomes

Vcinity's software-defined hybrid, multi-cloud Application Access Gateway Solution delivers real-time access to globally distributed, unstructured data at scale. This solution helps you optimize data sharing and availability across your business by allowing applications to access data anywhere it's located—whether public or private cloud, on prem, or at the edge—creating a real-time, elastic, distributed, global enterprise. Enabling applications to execute on remote data with Vcinity improves productivity, reduces operational costs, increases operational agility, and ultimately improves business outcomes. Learn more in our Solution Brief and Extended Demo.



Access data over distance with Vcinity’s patented technology – sustained 90% bandwidth utilization and continuous performance with no intermittent latency impact beyond the first byte.

Adding Vcinity to your existing 5G, network edge, and other IoT deployments enables faster data access and processing from existing hardware, without the need to replace them with higher compute models.

This Vcinity solution integrates seamlessly across Intel products, from Xeon® D and Ice Lake D class CPUs to FPGA Accelerator cards (such as Lightning Creek), and, in the future, Intel’s Infrastructure Processing Units with Integrated ASICs, while addressing a vast number of market verticals.

This solution is not only highly performant, but also power, cost, and space efficient. It is designed and optimized to fit your bandwidth needs when used with the associated Intel’s portfolio.

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