It's about ACCESS to data: defining Access Time Objective
In contract law, “time is of the essence” is a legal mechanism to stress that time matters.
Noemi Greyzdorf
Published on July 22, 2021

In contract law, “time is of the essence” is a legal mechanism to stress that time matters. In the data protection space, timeliness is measured as Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). RPO is aligned with how much data you are willing to lose, and RTO tells you how quickly data must be recovered. In the world of IoT, 5G, Smart-Everything, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep Learning, predictive analytics, and other time sensitive use cases, time to insight and time to action/decision are the measures of business outcomes and value creation.

For centuries, access to data was defined by how quickly data could be transported to where it was consumed. From Pony Express to Federal Express, Morse code to software code, many innovations have shortened the time required to transport data. We have developed faster ships, planes, and networking over thousands of miles, but the requirement to move data has remained. To hedge the time required to move data, techniques such as caching, deduplication, spoofing protocol chatter, and accepting packet loss have become the norm. The challenges with these approaches are:

  • Access to most frequently used data may be accelerated with caching, but changes in demand create delays and performance degradation.
  • Moving data faster requires time to copy it and additional storage to store it.

Maybe the efforts to improve access to data have been misplaced. Maybe it is not about how fast we can move data or how intelligent the caching mechanism is. Maybe the focus should be on eliminating time delays associated with accessing and processing data over distance.

Access Time Objective™ (ATO) focuses the business on the outcomes that matter by defining the time value of data. The greatest value will be derived if data is accessed, processed, and analyzed within an X period. The relevance or value of most outcomes decreases if more time is required to achieve the objective. Once the ATO has been properly defined, selecting approaches that best enable the attainment of the ATO becomes simple.

Vcinity Data Access Platform™ (VDAP)   

Accessing data at the time of relevance is expected when data and application are collocated. Expected time to data access has been based on data movement rates, but Vcinity Data Access Platform™ (VDAP) shatters these expectations. VDAP enables applications and data to be separated by long distances and high latency and still comply with ATO even if it is real-time. Deploying VDAP on the WAN enables applications to process data without the intermittent effects of latency.

Deploy compute where it is most effective and access data where it is created to expedite time to insights, analysis, and actions. Turn your WAN into a LAN.