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Maximize performance and profitability with modern, data-driven processes



Accelerate product innovation and time-to-market with better collaboration and enhanced workforce productivity.


Improve security and compliance by keeping data in one place to avoid exposure breaches.


Increase transparency across your global supply chain with comprehensive data access.


Make better, data-driven decisions by expediting diversified and distant data ingest into AI and analytic applications.

Use Cases

Here are a few ways manufacturing organizations can use Vcinity:

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Reduce data migration and datacenter consolidation timelines

Move data securely and efficiently—regardless of distance between physical sites or tech stack— and maintain critical applications uptime during transitions.

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Accelerate product innovation with computer-aided engineering

Collaborate seamlessly across worldwide teams using one globally-accessible set of models and simulations and expedite product time-to-market.


Drive agility with optimum supply chain transparency

Use immediate data access to quickly and accurately respond to supply and demand fluctuations and enhance decision-making capabilities.

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Diversify data collection for AI models

Access more diverse and distributed datasets for AI model training to improve AI insights and deliver enhanced business outcomes.

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