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Vcinity announces dataless cloud availability for S3 object storage

March 30, 2022 | 8:33am EDT

Vcinity Announces Dataless Cloud Availability for S3 Object Storage

Vcinity, the leader in instant global access to file data, announced today Vcinity Access™, a new software solution that enables cloud native applications that use Amazon S3 or S3-compliant object storage to remotely access and instantly operate on that data across hybrid, distributed, or multi-cloud environments, with local-like performance. This eliminates the need to move or copy data to the cloud, between cloud regions, or between S3 buckets.

“In 2018, we said Vcinity was going to turn the cloud business model on its head – a journey we continue today.  Customers deserve to use their cloud(s) of choice, public or private, without having to lose portability of their data to do so. We initially brought that capability to market for file data, and today, we make this possible for S3 object data,” said Harry Carr, CEO and Chairman at Vcinity. “There is no longer a need to incur the time, cost, and lock-in penalties to move object data to and from S3 buckets in the cloud to be able to take advantage of cloud native applications.” 

Built on a single-layer, native object-based architecture, the Vcinity Access software product integrates Vcinity’s award-winning technology with an S3 Application Program Interface (API).  Vcinity Access is offered for both edge and cloud implementations and is initially available for AWS and on-premise deployments. 

View the press release here.

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