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Stop Hallucinating and Get Better, Faster Gen AI (and ML) Insights (Part 1)

What do the manufacturing, energy, marketing, retail, medical, and telecommunications industries have in common? They all use generative AI/ML to enhance organizational efficiencies, improve insights, and facilitate faster decision-making. In addition to helping strengthen productivity, businesses use Gen AI to help create assets. Many organizations, including Gartner, believe that Gen AI will be a partner for almost 90% of organizations by 2025. With generative AI/ML advancing so quickly, there is a myriad of ways that organizations and agencies like yours can save time and money and drive enhanced business outcomes using Gen AI.

Reduce Wait Time

Let’s start with accessing and moving data. Data scientists know that one of the AI process’s most laborious and time-consuming parts is curating and preparing the data. Great GenAI computation can only begin once the right data and volume of data are there and ready to use. Fortunately, instead of spending hours or weeks moving data, you can now compute it faster—even as soon as it’s created. This computing can be accomplished in two ways: either by moving data to your Gen AI workload faster or allowing your Gen AI application to access geographically dispersed and remote data, enabling you to access and analyze data faster, keep teams as productive as possible, and to execute workloads more quickly and subsequently make business decisions faster.

Vcinity can help save time by:

  • Removing distance and latency barriers when accessing data.
  • Reducing time to move data by up to 76x.
  • Accelerating data transfers from source to target, minimizing transmission time and potential disruption to operations.

Optimize Resources

Fast is great, but efficient use of data can be equally as powerful. Efficiency also lends itself well to the financial side of the Gen AI equation. The resourcing required to implement a Gen AI workload is significant: new infrastructure and software license costs, data transfer and storage costs, salaries for unique skillsets, and more.

Remote data access capabilities have significant financial benefits, enabling an organization to maintain a single copy of data accessible to remote computing—this means paying for less data to store, manage, or govern. Both modern data access capabilities, whether hyper-fast data movement or remote data access, allow for financial optimization in different ways: overall process and team productivity, as well as increased agility to allocate resources. For instance, instead of spending money getting the data, you can reallocate that funding and refine how you use it.

Vcinity can help you optimize your Gen AI spend by:

  • Increasing team productivity by allowing data scientists time to spend assimilating data and experimenting with models instead of waiting for them to arrive.
  • Allowing top architecture choices with the flexibility of data storage and use.
  • Simplifying architectural investments across existing tech stack with unbounded data access across geographies and solutions.

Stay tuned for next week’s exciting conclusion of this tale. We’ll delve into guiding more effective and enjoyable AI journeys for all. Don’t miss it!

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