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Blog: Vcinity enables the fastest, most efficient data ingest into the Amazon S3 Express One Zone storage class

The rise of high-performance, data-intensive workloads has driven a requirement to retrieve data at scale, volumes, and speeds unlike ever before. Yesterday, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched Amazon S3 Express One Zone, a storage class purpose-built to deliver the fastest cloud object storage for performance-critical applications that demand consistent single-digit millisecond request latency. This incredibly robust and fast storage class is further complemented by Vcinity, which extends this capability to the edge—enabling AWS customers to move data at scale and from anywhere into S3 Express One Zone at unparalleled speeds and with deterministic performance. Vcinity can enable hyper fast data movement across AWS Regions or Availability Zones, wherein applications across AWS can quickly, easily, and securely use S3 Express One Zone data. This provides high-powered applications—like those used in the Finance, Energy, M&E, and HCLS (genomics) industries—the fastest, most efficient data access from end-to-end. This reduces the time and cost of accessing and utilizing data—and in turn unlocking customers’ ability to deliver the right actions, decisions, and experiences in the timeframe and with the efficacy that today’s businesses and consumers demand.

Vcinity also holds the Migration and Modernization Competency status for AWS Partners and offers solutions tested and validated by AWS that help customers move data up to 76x faster into and around AWS. These solutions accelerate data access and movement to deliver faster time to decision, action, revenue, and results.

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Learn more about Vcinity on the Amazon S3 Express One Zone partner integrations page. Want to chat 1:1 on how Vcinity help you amplify the value of S3 Express One Zone?