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Press Release

Vertica and Vcinity Bring Faster Access to Intelligent Insights On-Premises and in the AWS Cloud

June 6, 2022 | 10:00am EDT

Vertica and Vcinity Bring Faster Access to Intelligent Insights On-Premises and in the Clouds
The Vcinity Hybrid Cloud Solution was tested with Vertica clusters running in AWS with remote data located on-premises to evaluate delivery of real-time analytic insights. The performance was identical to that when the data data was local to AWS. View more details in the Testing Summary.



Enterprises get real-time access to distributed data, no matter where it is

Vertica, a Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) line of business, today announced an integration with Vcinity to deliver faster processing of intelligent insights, whether on premises or in the cloud, without moving the data. Vcinity’s patented data access technology enables Vertica’s advanced analytics and in-database machine learning platform to operate on geographically dispersed data across hybrid cloud environments as if Vertica clusters and its data were co-located. This approach delivers local-like performance regardless of distance or latency and enables data-heavy applications to access data in real time, where and when it is created.

“With this integration, Vertica is committed to providing our joint customers with the broadest options to accommodate the processing of their intelligent insights on-premises or in the clouds, without the need to move the data,” said Scott Richards, vice president and general manager of the Vertica Business Unit at Micro Focus. “Now, every organization can run Vertica’s advanced analytics and in-database machine learning platform with Vcinity’s Hybrid Cloud Solution to keep their data wherever they want.”

“At Vcinity, we believe location shouldn’t dictate the value of your data. That’s why we offer enterprises ultimate access and choice to operate across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, which we are bringing to bear through relationships with leading-edge vendors, like Vertica,” said Harry Carr, CEO and chairman of Vcinity, Inc. “We are particularly pleased with today’s announcement, as it showcases our technology’s proven ability to decouple location of data, and compute of data-heavy applications. This opens a wealth of opportunities for analytical applications by making data accessible, wherever it is.”

The Vcinity Hybrid Cloud Solution integration for Vertica enables data and compute to be physically, geographically separated while maintaining comparable application performance on Vertica’s unified data analytics platform. Benefits of the Vcinity integration with Vertica include:

  • Accelerate time to insights: Vertica customers can enable data analytics and AI/ML applications to begin processing sooner — even as soon as the data is created — by removing the need to move or copy the data from where it currently sits.
  • Improve efficacy of insights: By enabling expanded access to remote data, customers can further enrich analytics and AI/ML applications with more data, increasing accuracy of application output irrespective of data locality.
  • Increase operational agility across hybrid deployments: Enterprises can expand the use of their analytics and AI/ML applications and ease Vertica Accelerator adoption in the AWS cloud with flexibility to execute on data, anywhere it’s located. Additionally, customers can have expanded access to data silos deployed across hybrid environments to innovate and implement new applications.
  • Decrease TCO: Organizations can reduce costs associated with data duplication and transfers and increase the effectiveness of current physical infrastructures.
  • Retain control of data: Enterprises can use Vertica to analyze data anywhere while maintaining local-like application performance, allowing them to meet data residency requirements by keeping them on-prem as needed.

Learn more about the Vcinity Hybrid Cloud Solution for Vertica here. For additional details, view the Solution Brief and Testing Summary online or stop by the Vcinity booth at Vertica Unify in Boston on June 7.

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