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Radical X ™

Enabling local-like network access to eliminate the effects of latency

Purpose built for hybrid and multi-cloud high-performance computing organizations that have a parallel file system in place, the Radical X™ (RAD X™) product family extends Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over WAN and removes the distance barrier from data access and movement.

RAD X extends your local services, applications, and infrastructure across virtually any WAN—creating an infrastructure that’s truly location independent. It provides low-latency, high-performance connectivity — allowing businesses to take command of geographically dispersed compute and storage resources, in real time, to accelerate time to insights and action.

RAD X provides robust security for your data, including single or dual line-rate WAN encryption, without increasing latency or reducing data throughput. Its DataPrizmTM feature provides another layer of protection by distributing data over disparate, separately encrypted network paths, reducing the ever-growing risk of compromised information.

Being application-agnostic and using open-standard protocols and APIs, RAD X seamlessly integrates with your existing high-performance data environment. This lets you unlock more value from the assets you own — while retaining full access control and keeping your governance policies in place.

The RAD X technology that enables instant access to and movement of data, regardless of location, is also embedded in Vcinity’s Ultimate X™ (ULT X™) product family. Learn more about Ultimate X here.

About Radical X

Performance Stats

Extend your HPC resources up to 150,000 miles

Show no impact on throughput of replication workflows secured with Vcinity's dual encryption

Predictable, scalable performance, regardless of distance

Operate seamlessly in high-performance data environments

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Radical X


Real-time data access

Enables application connectivity to unstructured data across the globe, from edge to cloud.

Rapid data transfer

Enables predictable, lossless data movement substantially faster than existing methods.

High availability

Offers carrier-grade redundancy that supports continuous operations, even across great distance.

Cost savings

Maximizes use of your existing infrastructure, leading to lower operational costs.

High scalability

Scalable rates (up to 100Gbps) and standard routing protocols for multi-point configurations.

Enhanced security

Reduces the ever-growing risk of compromised data with additional in-flight protection.



High density per rack unit (RU) - Supports high density of speed-selectable interfaces.

Delivers high performance and low latency at any distance or capacity.

Obscures data across multiple WAN paths with dual encryption support.

Provide standard interfaces and security protocols with open software architecture.

Enable high availability and continuous operations with redundant and field-replaceable hardware.

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