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Remote data access

Enabling secure, real-time, anywhere data access for users and applications.

Why is your distributed data at odds with your business performance?

You know the challenge all too well—you’re forced to move or copy your data to sit with the application to optimize performance—the result: delays in business outcomes, sub-optimal business processes, and high associated costs.


The reality of antiquated data movement.

Moving data is never easy. Even in our modern, digitally-connected world, data movement is wrought with ever-present compliance restrictions and technology burdens. But that’s not where it ends. To make matters worse, you’re plagued with slow data access that paralyzes applications and stifles business outcomes, as well as file and data duplication that leads to security, compliance, and governance challenges, storage complications, and even storage bloating.

Worst, you’re left with data that’s too expensive to move, too many security issues to count, inaccurate machine learning insights, and your most critical business decisions choked by financial restrictions. Luckily, all that ends today.

Old-school data movement stops here.

With Vcinity, you no longer need to keep moving your data around the world to make it available. Instead, you and your entire team can now remotely access all your data in real time—and eliminate waiting on data transfers or the synchronization of file systems through a storage array or cloud-based replication. 


Time and money saved. Stress eliminated. 

Vcinity’s remote data access solution enables your unstructured data to become a single, globally-accessible dataset—as if it were local to your location. Best of all, our solution saves you time and transfer costs, reduces data management complexity, and reduces security risks.

The world is your data center.

Our remote data access solution is fully-deployable across your choice of hub, edge, and cloud locations.

Increase Performance

Improve application performance with the flexibility to execute data anywhere.

Faster Time-to-Insight

Take meaningful action up to 10x sooner on a single data set with local-like performance.

Reduce Costs

Drastically reduce storage and transmission costs by eliminating the need for redundant data.

Improve security

Improve risk profiles by moving less data (and better protecting it in flight).

Enhance Agility

Leverage best-of-breed, multi-cloud capabilities without lock-in.

Go Green

Reduce storage and processing needs by minimizing copies—and improve your ESG score.

We connect you to your data, any way you want it.

Vcinity enables real-time, remote data access by turning your unstructured data into a single, globally-accessible dataset. Now, the world is your data center—meaning you (and your applications) can use your global data like it’s local—you know, everywhere.

Seeing is believing!

It's usually right here that people doubt that advanced Remote Data Access is even real, let alone a possibility. So, let us show you the reality of what you could be doing today.


Whatever the application—we have you covered.

Media & Entertainment:

We enable seamless content creation by making large, sensitive media files and workflows instantly available to global post-production teams, reducing complexity and timelines, and helping complete more projects.

ISPs & Telecom Service Providers: 

We enable our customers to connect geographically-dispersed consumers and data instantly––so they can accelerate digital transformation and deliver bespoke customer experiences globally. 

Energy, Power, Utilities, Oil & Gas: 

We help companies realize their full business potential by enabling highly-focused, insight-driven digital transformation initiatives. Our customers can seamlessly access and leverage data across any geographically-dispersed networks and operations. 

Military Defense

We help the military and government achieve their mission goals by connecting them to data around the world sooner—enabling faster, better, and more accurate decisions.