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Enabling secure, near real-time, anywhere data access for users and applications.

Data siloes, copy sprawl, and
AI hallucinations... oh my!

Sometimes, like for autonomous vehicle software or a reactive response at the tactical edge, you just can’t afford to waste time moving your data. Other times, like training an AI model to help analyze medical imagery, transferring huge volumes of remote data slows the process down too much. Or, data can be locked in place due to compliance or data locality restrictions, common in highly-regulated industries like medicine or financial services.

Wouldn’t it be nice to… still use that data? (Hint: You still can).

Welcome to limitless data access.

With Vcinity, you don’t have to move your data—unless you want to. Our remote data access capability enables applications to compute on any data, across any distance, at any scale—with local-like performance—without paying for the time or operational penalties of moving your data first. Now, you and your entire team can interact with a single, globally-accessible dataset—regardless of where it sits across the globe or hybrid cloud.

A world where all your data is in your Vcinity. It's excellent.

(and what that means for you)


Get Better, Faster Insights

Take action sooner with instant data access and improve insight efficacy by using the right variety of data, regardless of its location.


Reduce Costs

Drastically reduce storage and transmission costs by eliminating the need for redundant data (by accessing data in place).


Safeguard Data Integrity and Security

Improve risk profiles by moving and storing less data (and support compliance with data residency and governance requirements).

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Gain Resource Agility

Leverage best-of-breed, hybrid, and multi-cloud capabilities without lock-in and easily deploy new workloads.

A few folks in our Vcinity.

Born out of advanced government innovation, leading commercial organizations and government agencies across the world trust us to access and use mission-critical data in real-time.


Method Studios

This VFX company swiftly scales production capacity by keeping data on-prem and bursting to the AWS rendering farm.

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This M&E provider boosts security with one data copy, reducing lead times by two weeks, costs by ~$7M, and manual coordination 10-1.

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A Large Cable Company

A global media and telecom giant speeds AI/ML/DL insights by instantly processing data-intensive workloads remotely.

We connect you to your data any way you want it, anytime.

Vcinity enables real-time, remote data access by turning your unstructured data into a single, globally accessible dataset. Now, the world is your data center—meaning you (and your applications) can use your global data like it’s local—you know, everywhere.

Let's make it simple.

You’ve got data—that can’t be moved. You’ve got missions and goals.

We’ve got a great way to connect your missions and goals with your data, while it stays in place.

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    Interoperability isn't a feature. It's a game-changer.

    Dell logo.

    We enable our customers to retain their existing Dell core infrastructure, all while allowing seamless connectivity to applications at the edge and cloud.

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    We help AWS customers accelerate innovation on AWS by enabling their AWS applications and microservices to tap into their data regardless of whether or not they're already in the AWS cloud (or in another AWS Region).

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    We enable customers to achieve accelerated, superior insights by extending the reach of Teradata workloads and analyzing data beyond local Teradata clusters.