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Upcoming events

Scale Logic Tech Training

July 18-20 | Minneapolis

Join the multi-day Workflowconnect event for hands-on labs and training .

Dell Solutions Showcase NYC

July 20 | Pier 36

Got data on Dell? Learn how to deploy cloud apps without moving your data!

Gartner IT Symposium | Expo 2022

Oct 17-20 | Orlando, FL

Join industry leaders and stop by our booth to learn how to get more out of your data.

Featured Videos

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Vcinity overview

How does Vcinity reframe the way you use data? Listen in to see how data is wherever you are, whenever you need it, without moving or copying it first.

How Vcinity works

Take a slightly technical peek at how Vcinity bridges compute and data across the chasm of distance and latency.

Exploiting RDMA

Vcinity CTO Steve Wallo speaks to creating a geographically-dispersed storage network over the WAN at SNIA 2021.

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