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Maximize customer satisfaction and network reliability with fast, secure, global data access



Elevate customer satisfaction and better anticipate demand


Increase agility and strengthen security postures to reduce network disruptions


Bridge data silos and edge locations to efficiently train and deploy AI and analytic tools


Innovate and scale network infrastructure with secure, local-like data access, anywhere

Use Cases

Here are a few ways telecommunication companies can use Vcinity:

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Provide better, personalized customer experiences

Quickly move siloed and edge data into AI and analytic platforms to identify behavioral trends and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Better protect against fraud and cyber threats

Avoid breaches and exposure of user data, ensure reliability of network security, and mitigate attacks using accurately-trained AI models with accelerated data access solutions.

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Optimize network performance

Minimize downtime and subscriber impact by better anticipating and reacting to market changes and tapping into remote edge data in near real-time.

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Accelerate innovation with modernized infrastructure

Attain a competitive edge and increase customer satisfaction by accelerating data movement and access anywhere—while maximizing existing infrastructure.

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