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Teradata Solution

Vcinity and teradata

Faster, better analytic insights—with access to your data anywhere

Extend Teradata across hybrid cloud with Vcinity

Accelerate time to insights and action

By eliminating the time to migrate, copy, or cache data before initiating operations, you can accelerate time to insights and outcomes (even as soon as the data is created).

Enhance business agility

Retain the freedom to both choose where your data is stored from edge to on-prem to cloud as well as keep it instantly accessible. Use it to tap into new data sources, further improve efficacy of outcomes, and flexibly deploy new workloads.

Unlock data sets

Expand data inputs by enabling access to external or non-local data sets without the need to move data or deploy a new cluster, all while supporting compliance requirements by leaving sensitive, governed datasets in place.

Improve data governance and lineage

A single, globally-accessible dataset means fewer copies as well as makes it easier to maintain and use the right data.



Use Cases

High-performance analytics across hybrid environments

A variety of analytic workloads can benefit from expanded, immediate access to non-local data at scale across hybrid, multi-cloud, including use cases, such as:

Improved audience insights

Garner better understanding of how to delight customers globally with instant access to cross-channel content, customer utilization, and more.

Asset optimization for energy

Monitoring applications can use IoT and edge data upon creation to respond to production changes in real-time and optimize maintenance.

Smarter, safer cities

Unleash operational efficiency and improve citizen experiences with real-time access to environmental and sensor data.

Efficient disaster recovery

Move data at hyper speed to accelerate backup and restore workloads by 94 percent—and meet aggressive SLAs—without swapping existing tools.

The Challenge

Analytics platform deployable across hybrid cloud, but access to data delays insights

Data is being created at exponential rates in increasingly disparate locations, such as at the edge, remote sites or office locations, or in different public or private clouds—and needs to be consumed by applications and operations in equally as diverse locales. Historically, data must be co-located with the compute—whereby remote data needs to be moved and copied. The further data is from compute, the longer it can take before processing can begin, particularly for the large volumes of data often required for intensive analytic applications. Additionally, high-performance analytic applications may seek to leverage sensitive or otherwise locked data that must stay in a certain location, due to security, compliance, or other regulatory requirements.

Vcinity Solution

Extend Teradata capabilities across hybrid cloud

Today’s ever-advancing data and analytics platforms, like Teradata’s VantageCloud, enable you unlock data, activate analytics, and accelerate value across a hybrid, multi-cloud world. With Vcinity, you can extend Teradata’s built-in capabilities to deliver increased query speed and performance, which makes it easier for widely dispersed companies to create a single, globally available dataset to use for operational efficiency and business continuity. Vcinity enhances ubiquitous, real-time, and secure remote access to data (both file and object) across globally diverse and dispersed environments—while your data stays in place. Now, sensitive datasets that remain on-premises can be queried and processed from the cloud even faster. Or, shared datasets in the cloud can be queried by on-premises Teradata systems, all with no performance impact compared to WAN performance. This allows you to instantly execute on data, whether located in a Teradata cluster or not, across your edge locations, data centers, remote sites, and public or private cloud(s).



Extend Teradata functionality and performance across multi-location and hybrid clouds, allowing greater flexibility and operational efficiency.

Instantly execute on tables and datasets whether located in a Teradata cluster or not, across edge, data centers, and public or private cloud(s).

Convert your data into a single, globally-available datasets with fast-as-local performance—while avoiding paying the time or operational penalties of moving data over distance.

Seamlessly plug Vcinity into your existing Teradata workflows with no application rewrite, deployable at the edge, on-premises, or cloud turning your WAN into a global LAN.

Faster, better insights—by extending the reach of your Teradata applications everywhere.


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