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Vcinity Accelerate ™

Easy-to-use software for high-speed file and object (S3) data transfers over distance

Vcinity Accelerate

Data is growing exponentially from new and increasingly diverse sources and locations. Often, data is produced far from where it’s consumed. Currently, moving data across distance or at scale, such as from the edge to on-prem to the cloud, is hindered by latency and bandwidth limitations.

Additionally, data transfer performance often varies with data type or size. Generally, data arrival at the point of consumption is unpredictable, stifling an organization’s productivity and resulting in decisions based on stale data. Vcinity Accelerate™ (VAccelerate™) is a software solution that leverages Vcinity’s unique, high-speed data transfer technology in an easy-to-use format to automate file and object (S3) data transfers over distance.

By moving unstructured data at unprecedented speeds over distance with deterministic performance, VAccelerate allows organizations to deliver data more quickly, efficiently, and securely to the users and applications who need it without manipulating the data. This enables those organizations to improve.



Accelerate Time to Insights

Deliver data faster to derive insights and take meaningful action sooner.


Improve Operational SLAs

Expedite data transfer workflows such as cloud migration, backups, and synchronization.


Improve Productivity

Accelerate data transfer and reduce wait times for workflow processes.


Hassle-free Implementation

Reduce workflow complexity with a user-friendly interface.


Preserve Existing Investments

Easily connect, deploy, and run VAccelerate without changing your existing architecture.

Deployment Options

Vcinity Accelerate (VAccelerate) is offered for both on-prem and cloud implementations and is initially available for VMware ESX and AWS deployments. Contact sales for more information.

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Vcinity Accelerate ESX (on-prem VM) allows remote storage to be mounted locally for networked clients without disrupting workflows or existing environments.

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In the Cloud

Vcinity Accelerate AWS (Cloud VM) is a software-only version, allowing the deployment to run on commercially available servers or virtual machines in cloud environments.

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