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Vcinity Access ™

Real-time, remote access to object data for S3-enabled applications

Many organizations turn to Amazon S3 or S3-compatible software for secure, scalable object storage in the cloud. This enables them to store a large amount of data at a low cost, only pay for what storage they use, as well as take advantage of other powerful microservices to create data lakes, AI/ML applications, and more. Historically, for these applications to perform well, the object data must be moved to and from S3 buckets so that it is co-located with the application. This movement is often time consuming and expensive—delaying time to insights, increasing operational costs, and dampening productivity.

Vcinity Access™ (VAccess™) allows cloud-native applications to use S3-compatible object storage to remotely access and instantly operate on that data across hybrid, distributed, or multi-cloud environments, with local-like performance. By eliminating the need to move or copy object data and by removing the effects of distance between object data and applications, S3-enabled applications can seamlessly access and performantly operate on object data anywhere. This accelerates time to action, increases efficiency of workflows, and reduces costs—improving business value.

Vcinity Access

Deployment Options

Vcinity Access (VAccess) is offered for both edge and cloud implementations and is initially available for AWS and on-premise deployments. Contact sales here for more information.

On premise

Vcinity Access Edge allows remote storage to be mounted locally for networked clients without disrupting workflows or existing environments.

In the cloud

Vcinity Access Cloud is a software-only version, allowing the deployment to run on commercially available servers or virtual machines in cloud environments.

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Vcinity Access


Decrease TCO

Reduce cost associated with data duplication, transfers, and management.

Reduce risk

Meet data residency requirements and improve security with fewer redundant copies.

Faster time to insights

Take meaningful action on data sooner, no matter its location to increase productivity and efficiency.

Increase operational agility

Avoid lock-in with the flexibility to execute on data anywhere–on-prem, at the edge, or in the cloud.

Meet or exceed operational SLAs

Accelerate data movement workflows, such as cloud migration, data center relocation, or backup and restore.

Ease data management at scale

Streamline utilization while maintaining performance with a single object dataset.

Vcinity Access


Access object data over distance with Vcinity’s patented technology–sustained 90% bandwidth utilization across any distance and continuous performance with no intermittent latency impact beyond the first byte.

Linearly scalable solution (3x nodes) eliminates single points of failure, improving uptime and reliability.

Support ease of configuration and deployment with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and simple command-line interface (CLI)—and experience zero downtime with a single command upgrade.

Maximize large bandwidth connections by deploying additional nodes within a data center, at the edge, or in a public or private cloud.

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