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Large scale data orchestrator Hammerspace is using Vcinity’s high-speed remote data movement technology to overcome data gravity.

Vcinity names a winner in the Big50 Hot Startup Competition.

Vcinity announces that the company is collaborating with Hammerspace to allow organizations to access and use data more efficiently, regardless of where it is stored.

Vcinity, a leader in data movement technologies, proudly announces its achievement of earning the Silver Award in the Enterprise Category of the 2023 Merit Awards for Technology! The winners were judged based on submissions representing the best in current and next-generation innovations and technologies. This accolade is a testament to Vcinity's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries and revolutionizing how organizations use and store their data.

Vcinity is helping customers optimize business outcomes and innovate edge solutions faster. The company is now a Dell Edge Certified Partner, offering customers the Edge Access Solution to instantly extend data accessibility from the edge to core to cloud.

Vcinity, Inc. announces the availability of Vcinity Accelerate™, an advanced software offering that leverages Vcinity’s high-speed unstructured data transfer technology in an easy-to-use format to automate file and object data transfers over any distance.

Have you ever experienced that magical feeling when your favorite app responds in a flash, making you feel like you are navigating a futuristic, perfect tech wonderland?

Data plays an enormous role in how businesses work, and that role is only growing. As it does, storage management continues to be a top priority for all enterprises.

Vcinity’s Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Wallo, has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to the field of Information Technology. He was awarded the prestigious Bronze CTO of the Year at the 18th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards.

Many organizations struggle to juggle the exponential amounts of data and duplicate files distributed across multiple systems and locations. It's common knowledge that having too many versions of the same data in too many places can be dangerous in business.

As companies continue to move their data to the cloud, they face one constant and ever-present challenge: managing that data across different cloud environments.

In today’s digital economy, data is only as valuable as it is accessible. Data is a mission-critical factor to the success of any organization, and historically, accessing data has been accomplished through data movement.