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Ultimate X ™

A high-performance and distributed data movement/access solution.
Put data in application and users’ hands, when and where you need it.

Ultimate X® (ULT X) is a high-performance and distributed data movement/access solution. It has two key capabilities: one, moving data from one point to another, and two, enabling applications to remotely access data.

The first, data movement, allows you to move data significantly faster and more efficiently than existing methods to support recurring edge-to-core or edge-to-cloud ingest workloads, data centralization for analytics platforms, backups, cloud migrations, and/ or data center consolidations—reducing project costs, improving operational efficiencies, and accelerating time to insights and action. ULT X’s second capability, remote data access, also enables applications (whether on-prem or in the cloud) to securely access and operate on remote data (such as at the edge, on-prem, in another cloud region, or in a different cloud) in near real time—without having to move or copy it first. These functions can be used alone or together to enable simplified, near real-time access to your data, regardless of distance, latency, dataset size, or hybrid location.

ULT X is presents itself as a simple shared storage tier to applications using industry standard NFSv3/ NFSv4/SMBv3 interfaces. ULT X also supports backend storage interfaces of NFSv3, NFSv4, S3 and S3EOZ (Amazon S3 Express One Zone) allowing conversion from S3 to file. Vcinity’s ULT X family of software solutions is available as software-only options of VMs (on-prem or in the cloud) and bare metal or PCIe cards of varying capacities installed in a server for unprecedented scalability.

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    Increase productivity

    Accelerate time to action and outcomes by minimizing time waiting on data.


    Improve operational SLAs

    Accelerate data movement workflows such as edge-to-cloud ingest, data center relocation, or backup.


    Decrease TCO

    Reduce costs associated with data duplication and transfers.


    Enhance security posture

    Better protect data while in-flight and improve security footprint with less redundant copies.


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    Unprecedented performance

    Ultra-fast data movement and access regardless of distance, data type or hybrid environment by minimizing the effects of latency

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    Industry-standard interfaces

    Presents as a simple shared storage tier to application using industry standard NFS and SMB interfaces (supporting backend storage interfaces of NFS, Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Express One Zone) to fit into existing workflows

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    Supports unprecedented scalability starting from software-only to 100G PCIe cards installed in a server across virtually any IP-based network

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    Management Interface

    Provides easy-to-use, intuitive web-based management interface for multi-user, multi-site management

    Deployment Options

    Designed for today’s hybrid, multi-cloud world, ULT X offers flexible deployment options to fit your bespoke infrastructure needs:


    On premise

    ULT X comes in software only (KVM, VMWare ESXi, bare metal) or PCIe form factors installed in servers providing unprecedented scalability from 100Mbps to 100Gbps.

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    In the cloud

    ULT X software-only variants are available in AWS, Azure and AWS F1 for cloud to on-prem and cloud to cloud use cases scaling from 100Mbps to 10Gbps throughput.

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