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Ultimate X ™

Reliable, real-time access to your data, anywhere

Ultimate XTM (ULT XTM) enables a real-time, elastic, distributed enterprise by putting the of data in application and users’ hands, when and where they need it.

ULT X makes geographically dispersed data actionable from anywhere. By connecting your computing environments from edge to cloud, it lets you and your applications rapidly move large datasets (up to terabytes or petabytes of data) across the any distance with unprecedented performance.

ULT X lets you leverage data in place, making enterprise-wide content usable by more of your teams and applications. Users everywhere can share and access data at the pace of business, with no need to replicate it. This leads to more efficient workflows, reduced data management and storage costs, and increased team productivity.

ULT X is purpose-built for enterprise environments. It easily attaches to your business network, while its scalable performance maximizes the use of your current infrastructure. As a result, you’re able to achieve more from your existing assets. Its technology fuses with the security, network, and data management you use each day, allowing you to maintain full access policy control.

In addition to RAD X, ULT X includes two key features to make operations within today’s enterprise environments more seamless, Command X™ and Access X™. Designed to deliver an easy, intuitive user experience, Command X is a management system that provides a web-based interface to monitor and configure nodes across multiple sites. Access X, a tool for even more efficient, comprehensive file management and synchronization, gives you unparalleled file access and control—and is ideal for enterprises that want to fully leverage the harmonious file sharing capabilities ULT X enables.

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    Performance Stats

    Line-rate access to data in place

    Proven, uninterrupted function of applications regardless of distance

    Shown to reduce data migration windows by 12x across ~5,000 miles

    Only solution to move 1 Petabyte across the US in <24 hours

    Near 0 RTO with greatly improved RPO

    Deployment Options

    Designed for today’s hybrid, multi-cloud world, ULT X offers flexible deployment options to fit your bespoke enterprise infrastructure needs:

    On premise

    ULT X Edge comes in rack-mounted or travel case options. It allows remote storage to be mounted locally for networked clients without disrupting workflows or existing environments.

    In the cloud

    ULT X Cloud is also available in a software only version, allowing it to run on commercially available servers or virtual machines in hybrid cloud environments.

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    Unbridled Data Access

    Provide remote access to data anywhere, any time, from any location, in a hybrid environment.

    Built for Hybrid Cloud

    Seamlessly integrate across edge, on-prem, and cloud locations while retaining full control of your data.

    Improve Productivity

    Streamline distributed workflows and enhance real-time collaboration, reducing time waiting for data.

    Rapid Data Transfer

    Move terabytes to petabytes of data predictably, economically, and securely at unprecedented speeds.

    Greater App Efficiency

    Maximize available infrastructure, speeds workloads, and shortens application run times.

    Reduce Costs

    Reduce “copy sprawl” for lower storage costs and stronger data security.


    Industry-proven Performance

    Delivers unprecedented performance tested and verified at the highest industry standard.

    Management Interface

    Provides an easy-to-use, web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) to monitor performance and configure multiple nodes.

    Tiered Storage

    Enables a shared storage overlay for accessing data, whether by keeping it in-place or moving it.

    Flexible File Management

    Includes easy-to-use, web-based comprehensive file management and synchronization software.