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Faster time to intelligent insights without moving data.


Accelerate time to AI/ML insights with real-time access to distributed data.

Vcinity allows Vertica customers to access and run data-intensive workloads on data with local-like performance, no matter its location, in real-time, regardless of distance or latency. Instead of first moving and copying data to your Vertica clusters, you can begin running data-intensive workloads immediately, accelerating time to intelligent insights and action and improving operational efficiency. Additionally, the freedom to choose data storage locations empowers you with increased agility across the hybrid cloud, whether by optimizing infrastructure design or tapping into data while upholding residency requirements.



Accelerate Time to AI/ML Insights

Begin processing sooner by removing the need to move or copy the data from where it sits.


Increase Operational Agility

Expand the use of data-intensive apps and flexibility to execute on data anywhere.


Retain Control of Data

Meet data residency by keeping data on-prem while maintaining app performance.


Reduce TCO

Reduce costs associated with data duplication and transfers; optimize infrastructure.

High-performance analytics—without moving your data.

Enhanced data access benefits a variety of use cases, such as:


Production Monitoring

Apps that monitor equipment in the field can access edge sensor data upon creation and respond to production changes in real-time.


Backup and Recovery

Improve backup cycles by expediting time to move large volumes of data required for AI/ML apps.


Fraud Detection for FinServ

Maintain data residency requirements for confidential and geo-distributed data while operating the app across multiple regions.

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Optimize Telco Networks

Access data over any distance with Vcinity’s latency-eliminating software—sustained 95% bandwidth utilization and continuous performance with no intermittent latency beyond the first byte.

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    View more about how Vcinity technology complements Vertica’s application performance in our Testing Summary.

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    Unprecedented Performance from Edge to AWS Cloud

    Access data over any distance with Vcinity’s latency-eliminating software – sustained 95% bandwidth utilization and continuous performance with no intermittent latency beyond the first byte.


    Unbounded Data Access

    Data insights require access to fresh and accurate data. Vcinity brings the data collected at the edge and various offices and makes it available in real-time to train models, feed AI algorithms, and produce lakes for holistic queries.


    Enhanced Edge Processing

    Integrating Vcinity into your application platform boosts aggregate data access and processing speeds using your existing hardware—in the cloud (Verica Eon or Enterprise mode) or on-premises in Enterprise mode. Harness the power of pre-processing and computation from edge, core, or cloud resources, all without the need for migration workflows.

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    Finally, Enable True Hybrid Environments

    Seamless integration of Vcinity solution tech stack into existing workflows with no application rewrite, deployable at the edge, on-premises, or cloud, turning your WAN into a global LAN.