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Vcinity launches Hybrid Cloud Solution, powered by Dell

February 24, 2022

Vcinity Launches Intel Solution at Mobile World Congress 2022

Vcinity solution for Intel launched at Mobile World Congress

This week, we promoted Vcinity’s Application Access Gateway Solution in the Intel® booth at MWC 2022 in Barcelona. Show attendees got to see how we enable real-time execution on remote data at scale. Since applications and compute no longer need to be located with the data they use, organizations save time and money with Vcinity. 

Thanks to our new collaboration with Intel, Intel users can expedite their edge and hybrid deployments, reducing operational expenditures and accelerating time to insights and innovation–by instantly tapping into data–no matter where it’s located. The Vcinity solution runs seamlessly on a broad portfolio of Intel products, including Intel Xeon® D and the newly announced Ice Lake D class CPUs to Lightning Creek FPGA-based accelerator cards. 

Read more here to learn about our solution and some of the use cases: Vcinity Application Access Gateway Solution Brief (whitepaper) or watch the Vcinity Application Access Gateway Extended Demo. You can also find more on the Intel Partner Solutions Marketplace: Vcinity Storefront

View Intel’s overarching Intel MWC Press Release here.